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November/December 2011 issue
Diet Hormones – Weight management is a hot topic. Sarah Wragg investigates how hormones influence appetite, fat storage and metabolism and explains how eating different foods can change the way these hormones influence body weight & composition. – Read article Here »
January/February 2012 issue
Inflammation Update – The regulation of inflammation takes place through an array of inflammatory cells and mediators which influence a number of chronic metabolic conditions. Sarah Wragg reviews new developments in nutritional intervention. – Read article Here »
March/April 2012 issue
Psoriasis Update – Psoriasis is a highly complex skin condition which for some sufferers can have an auto immune aspect. With a reputation for being incurable, the object if often to find ways to manage the symptoms with topical steroid creams. Sarah Wragg explores the latest developments surrounding these conditions. – Read article Here »
May/June 2012 issue
Energy Focus – Ongoing fatigue can severely affect the quality of life for many individuals. Sarah Wragg explores the underlying metabolic defects associated with energy production. – Read article Here »
Sept/October 2012 issue
Botanicals for Brain Health – The brain is made up of highly specialized tissue and is an extremely metabolically active organ. Sarah discusses various botanicals known to promote brain health and mental performance.
Read article Here »

With a wealth of experience in supporting clients through fatigue and stress management. Sarah was approached to contribute to a book launched in 2014 on Adrenal Stress The author of this book Jo Dunbar is a highly regarded Herbalist with her own clinic in Twickenham. To download and read this book go to