What to Expect

A Nutritional Therapy consultation is a one-to-one consultation. It involves taking a comprehensive health history so that the following areas can be evaluated:

•  your nutritional status
•  possible ‘functional’ imbalances (Functional Medicine Model)
•  diet and any medication or supplements you currently take
•  lifestyle and stressors
•  genetics
•  other compounding factors

First Consultation Up to 75 minutes

Clients are required to complete a health questionnaire prior to the consultation, which can be filled out and returned by email. Noting medication or any supplement pills you are currently taking is important.

During the initial consultation a full medical history is taken in confidence. Using the Functional Medicine model & through the information you offer in the consultation, we assess how one has got to a point of health. This information can help to identify which systems have been put under pressure throughout your life and why you may have the symptoms which you present with today.

Following this information gathering process we will explain to you how your unique health history may have influenced your current state of health and how we can move forward with diet, supplement and lifestyle changes to help you achieve your goal. Sometimes functional testing through a private laboratory maybe suggested to provide further information about your health status. This allows for a more targeted approach. Certain tests could be carried out through your GP, in this situation Sarah can write to your GP to request such tests.

Following the consultation we will complete a detailed analysis to assess your priorities and compile an individually tailored programme including: receive a letter/email detailing what we discussed in the consultation including personalised handouts, personalised food programme, including recipes, snack plans, designed to establish balance and address any presenting symptoms. We will take into account your daily lifestyle and pressures plus budget when constructing any programme, to make it easy and enjoyable for you to incorporate changes. Our approach is always personal and individual specific.

Diet is always addressed first. However it maybe necessary for the recommendation of natural supplements. Supplements are at 10% off RRP and can be ordered and sent in the post to you.

Follow-up Consultations 45 minutes

It is important to have a follow-up sessions with Sarah. This may entail discussing any test results or Matters for Health programmes you have already started.

Usually at least three sessions are recommended, however everyone’s situation is different and we may find you need more or less than the three sessions. Being compliant will make a big difference to your success! This can be discussed at the initial or 2nd consultation.

We know that plans can change but we ask all clients to kindly give 48 hours notice of cancelling their session; we appreciate being given more notice if possible. Otherwise there is a 50% cancellation fee.

 Packages are payable by cash or cheque at the end of the consultation unless this is by Skype. Monies are payable ahead of any Skype sessions by BACS.

Cancellation policy: We know that plans can change but we ask all clients to kindly give 24 hours notice of cancelling their session; we appreciate being given more notice if possible.

Between Visit Support
Should you have any queries between visits, you can contact us by phone or email – no need to wait until your next consultation, at no extra cost to you.

Supplements: We offer both current and past clients 10% discount on supplements.

Tests: Please note payment for tests are paid separately to the laboratory.