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3-Step Programme

You can purchase a 3-step programme. This is a special promotional package offered by Matters For Health. This will include a first and second consultation, plus one follow-up consultation. £210.00
You will receive:

  • A first consultation which will last appromximately 90 minutes
  • A personalised programme.
  • Two follow-up treatments.
  • A laboratory test maybe also recommended and is payable separately
  • E-mail and telephone support during the programme

If you would like more information, you can speak with Matters for Health to book your FREE 15 minute session today. Alternatively click here to go ahead and book your 3-step programme.

Fertility Programme

Matters for Health offers a fertility MOT. This has been devised as a starting point for individuals or couples who wish to optimise their reproductive health. A healthy diet as part of a pre-conceptual plan for both men and women can often increase your chances of conceiving a baby. Being low in certain nutrients can hinder conception or indeed miscarriage could occur. It is particularly important for the female hormones to be in balance for conception and a healthy pregnancy. Stress and adrenal fatigue have also long been suspected by researchers, as a possible cause of miscarriage or infertility, as quoted in the Journal of Medical Screening 2008. By booking a fertility programme we can focus on the areas of your health concerning fertility optimization such as hormone balance, heavy metal toxicity, nutrient availability and absorption, stress and lifestyle.

Fertility programme for individuals – £330
You will receive:

  • A first consultation which will last appromximately 90 minutes
  • A personalised food and optional supplement programme.
  • Two follow-up treatments.
  • A laboratory adrenal stress test included in price however is optional
  • E-mail and telephone support

Fertility programme for couples – £180
You will receive:

  • A couples first consultation approximately for up to 2 hours
  • A personalised food and optional supplement programme for you both.
  • Laboratory tests may also be recommended and is payable separately
  • Laboratory test interpretation
  • E-mail and telephone support

A second consultation is advisable. This may or may not include both partners. This will be dependent on findings from the initial consultation and can be discussed on the day. This is not included in this reduced price.

If you would like more information, you can speak with Matters for Health to book your FREE 15 minute session today.

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Stress Buster Programme

We all know the word ‘stress’ and all to often have felt its effects at one time or other in our lives. The majority of people perceive stress as an emotional affect e.g. sadness, anxiety, anger, frustration, work stress, financial pressures. However, stress can also be physical e.g. pain, illness, inflammation and digestive upsets also contribute to the stress ‘load’ on the body.

Two small glands, known as the adrenals, help us deal with life’s stressors. In addition to manufacturing adrenalin for stress response, the adrenals also manufacture aldosterone (a hormone for regulating salt levels in the body), cortisol (a stress hormone for regulating sugar levels in the body), and androgens (secondary sex hormones). Sometimes in periods of long-term or profound mental or physical stress these adrenal glands can go into overdrive. If this occurs for too long or happens too often, then the adrenals glands can become exhausted. When this happens, the levels of cortisol plus another hormone, DHEA, become imbalanced, leading you to feel tired or exhausted and sometimes anxious. Do you find you rely on sugar and caffeine to get through the day? If so your adrenals may need some attention!

Leading a stressful lifestyle, managing a stressful job or home-life, or having experienced an emotional trauma can all knock on the adrenal glands, leading to fatigue or exhaustion, amongst other symptoms such as digestive or sleep problems. You may also experience fertility problems or hormonal imbalance for both men and women. Skipping meals or exercising without the correct fuel will raise cortisol levels and exacerbate the situation further. Athletes and serious sports enthusiasts can sometimes have an adrenal imbalance.

Where’s this abdominal weight gain come from?

Do you find yourself exercising regularly, taking your supplements and so on but you cannot shift the abdominal weight gain? Not only can fatigue occur when the adrenal glands are being over-worked but so too can abdominal weight gain in some individuals. This can happen for several reasons. Under ‘normal’ circumstances, when we haven’t eaten for a while, our blood sugar drops and the brain sends a message to the adrenals to release cortisol. This cortisol mobilises glucose (sugar via glycogen in the liver), amino acids (primarily from muscles), and fat (from fat cells). This prevents ‘hypoglycemia’ (low blood sugar), keeping your brain and body fueled with energy in the absence of food. So in essence cortisol maintains glucose levels in the blood, while insulin helps usher glucose into the cells. When we have long-term stress, cortisol and insulin remain high in the blood, and the extra glucose that isn’t needed for energy gets stored in the form of fat — primarily abdominal fat cells, or “visceral fat.” Scientists have discovered that fat cells have special stress-hormone receptors for cortisol, but that there also seem to be more of these cortisol receptors on the fat cells in the abdomen than anywhere else in the body!
Sadly, abdominal fat doesn’t just “sit there” doing nothing; it reacts to the stress response e.g. emotional or physical, spurring still more abdominal fat deposition. So the cycle continues unless we take steps to heal the metabolic imbalance. A good place to start is with the adrenal glands. This is where Matters For Health can help you.

NB However please note that in some individuals, unexplained weight loss can occur when adrenal fatigue is present. Adrenal insufficiency exists at many levels and some clients may just feel simply fatigued without the weight issue.

How Matters For Health Can Help You

Your ability to respond to stress in a healthy way is very much linked to how you perceive the situation and also, to your nutritional status and physical health. Having an adrenal stress test can help pinpoint precise imbalances in the stress hormones namely cortisol and DHEA (mentioned earlier). We will also take into account the nutrients needed to encourage the adrenals to work efficiently. Supporting the body nutritionally can therefore improve your stress response – so you cope better emotionally and physically, whilst regaining your energy levels. Should a weight issue also be a problem, we can work with you in order for you to achieve your target weight but taken into account any adrenal insufficiency which maybe hindering weight loss (or weight gain). Please see the adrenal stress test for symptoms you could be experiencing and if they sound familiar – this programme could be for you.

The Programme

This programme consists of 4 sessions. Everyone is different but it can take some time for the body to adjust to feeling ‘good’ again when stress and exhaustion has taken over. This is why Matters for Health recommends 4 sessions for this particular programme.

In support of your programme, Matters for Health offers you one session at a 25% reduction. The sessions are held either bi-monthly or tri-monthly (to be used in one year). This is entirely dependent on your needs and can be discussed at the consultation. Matters for Health aim, is to tailor a programme that suits you and fits around your lifestyle.

You receive the following:

  • 4 nutritional therapy consultations (one session at 20% reduction)
  • An adrenal stress test and interpretation
  • Food and supplement plan, plus other information targeted towards improving your health
  • Guidance on any other tests Matters for Health recommends for you
  • E-mail and telephone support during the programme

First session (90 minutes) – A thorough case history will be taken and initial feedback given to you. The adrenal test will also be discussed. At the end of the session you will be given nutritional guidance to take away. This may include other appropriate test recommendations, which if agreeable we will organise for you.

Second session (45-60 minutes) – You will receive your programme at the second consultation. This will consist of your finalised nutritional plan, optional supplement plan and other information/fact sheets appropriate towards optimsing your health. The programme will be built around your test results and findings from your initial consultation. This session will allow time to go through your programme with you and for you to ask any questions. At this consultation we will also go through your test results.

Follow-up sessions (45 minutes) – following the second session you will then have monthly or bi-monthly sessions with a focus on specific areas that need addressing. We can make necessary changes to your programme as you start to feel better. Topics covered will include stress and exercise, sleep, cardiovascular health, weight, immunity, and digestion.
Total price: £390 (inclusive of adrenal stress test payable separately)

If you would like more information, you can speak with Matters for Health to book your FREE 15 minute session today.

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Telephone Consultation

Book your free 15-minute telephone consultation to find out more about Matters for Health and whether Nutritional Therapy is suitable for you. Usually this takes place over the phone but if there is a mutually free time, this may be able to be carried out face-to-face at a clinic nearest to you.

Gut Heal Programme

Perfect for anyone with ongoing digestive complaints, IBS, suspected food intolerances, candida issues and auto-immune conditions.
You will receive:

  • An initial consultation
  • A personalised food plan
  • Two follow up consultations
  • A gastro-intestinal test and interpretation with treatment plan for any findings. (see test page)
  • Suggestions for supplements designed to restore gut health.
  • E-mail and telephone support during the programme

This can be the first step towards detoxing and weight loss.