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Employers and employees are recognising the importance of optimising their health and wellbeing in the workplace. Shockingly a study showed the average employee has 8.4 days sick days absent from work each year equating to £11bn each year.

The executive lifestyle includes many pressures, long hours and stressful situations that can easily take its toll on the body’s health reserves. This in turn may affect brain function, mental capacity and daily corporate performance as well as longer term health. Providing specialist nutritional advice could help to enhance concentration, focus, mood, sleep, fatigue, resistance to infections and tolerance to stress.

Having worked in a large international aerospace and defence company prior to training as a Nutritionist, Sarah has a good understanding of the stress levels experienced by corporate employees and she is used to working with professionals at all levels. Sarah is a qualified NLP practitioner and coach. She can incorporate this into her nutritional therapy consultations. What is NLP?

Do you want to avoid having employees that……

- Are heading for burnout
- Have a lack of motivation
- Feel stressed
- Can’t get focused

Good for your staff, good for business

In essence a corporate wellness program is an organised initiative to assist your staff in adopting healthier lifestyles. This may include raising awareness on health and wellbeing topics, behavior change initiatives and stress management techniques. This in turn can help lower staff sickness, boost morale, improve concentration, whilst improve inspiration and more importantly ENERGY..

On 17 February 2011 the Government called for a major review of the sickness absence system in Great Britain in order to help combat the 140 million days lost to sickness absence every year. The aims of the Review were to minimise the loss of work resulting from ill health and to find ways of reducing the burdens and costs. health-at-work.pdf. Therefore taking the initiative to provide your staff with access to an on-site Nutritionist could raise their awareness of the importance of key nutrition and in turn keep your employees sick days to a minimum.
If your staff are feeling lethargic, unmotivated and have an unclear mind, how do you think this will affect their performance?

Matters for Health offer bespoke packages for companies and organisations such as those listed below.

Workshops and talks

Sessions in small groups to discuss various topics such as eating well in the corporate environment, boosting immunity, weight loss, stress management, avoiding burnout, food and mood (nutrition for mental health) plus managing lifestyles out of work. These relaxed and informative talks highlight key issues facing employees today. This maybe carried out over breakfast or lunch-time or after-work seminars for example. Our aim is to have as little as disruption to the working day as possible. Matters For Health works alongside a dedicated team for Corporate Nutrition work. Please email Sarah for details on this.

We ran a talk at Barreworks in Richmond in order to motivate its clients towards a healthy diet, plus discuss symptoms or health concerns on a one to one basis. See link: Barre Food on Facebook

Clinic services

Individual appointments with your employees to create a nutrition and lifestyle programme. It is an opportunity for your employees wishing to improve their health and maximise their performance to see a consultant on-site without having to take time away from the office. This may be subsidised by the company or paid for by the staff directly – by having Sarah on site, she is able to see a large number of people in a short space of time, reducing time away from the office. We can develop a wellness programme, to address underlying health concerns your employees may have. We will provide an in-depth nutritional consultation for employees wishing to improve their health and lifestyle, whilst maximising their performance in work. Matters For Health works alongside a dedicated team for Corporate Nutrition work. Please email Sarah for details on this.
Your employees will receive:

  • A full detailed written programme with clear guidelines on changes to be made plus a food plan to help your employee achieve their goals.
  • Fact sheets to support any explanations around current health conditions and goals.
  • An optional comprehensive supplement plan if appropriate, showing what to take and why
  • Recommendations for specific clinical health tests if appropriate.
  • Recommended laboratory tests if appropriate, which Matters for Health can arrange and interpret

NB – The cost of the supplements and health test recommendations are not included.

Nutrition Surgery

We can provide a 3 or 6 monthly or periodic nutrition surgery, allowing employees to ‘drop in’ to discuss particular nutrition issues that are relevant to their health. These session last from between 15-20 minutes and are designed to ‘spark’ an interest in health and nutrition. Simple recommendations are given with the aim of improving good health and quality of life. If the employees wish to, they can then book in for an in-depth nutrition consultation at a later date. Matters for Health will attend your company offices to hold this nutrition surgery. Matters For Health works alongside a dedicated team for Corporate Nutrition work. Please email Sarah for details on this.

Audit of your Company Restaurant Facility

Delivering a nutrition audit of the staff restaurant facility for your company. Most people have experienced an afternoon slump in energy and concentration. Poor menu choices can exacerbate this energy and concentration dip. Whilst nutritious menu choices could help fight off fatigue and improve mood, immunity, energy and motivation.
As a result of the audit, recommendations for improving menus, ingredients and cooking practices can be advised and implemented. This is with the aim to maximise the health, quality and variety of meals and snacks available to staff. Sarah and her team can also hold healthy food tastings in a staff restaurant and be on-hand to answer any staff questions about nutrition. Matters For Health works alongside a dedicated team for Corporate Nutrition work. Please email Sarah for details on this.

We will work with your company to create the package that works best for you and your employees.