Why have Nutritional Therapy

Magazines and other media messages surrounding health can be very confusing. Many people try diets and supplements recommended in books and magazines and feel no better. What food plan or supplement may suit one individual, may not suit the next, this is because each person’s nutritional needs are different. Recognition that everyone is unique in their nutritional needs is key to constructing a successful health programme for you, and careful consideration is always given to your circumstances. For example, the food you eat, your environment, lifestyle, stress, genetic variations and life experience all play a role in shaping your health and help us determine what your needs are today.

You may even feel frustrated that you have not yet got an answer to a health issue or would like to try an alternative, more natural approach for your health. Nutritional Therapy is considered to be a complementary therapy, which at times can also be used alongside orthodox medicine. Where appropriate, we can liaise with your health care professional (doctor, physiotherapist, osteopath, medical herbalist, etc.) about your health programme.

Optimum health is more than just absence of disease. Good nutrition can help facilitate a sense of vitality and wellbeing.

Why wait?

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