About Nutritional Therapy

Nutritional Therapy is the science of how food and nutrients can promote optimum health and peak performance. Today the volume of scientific evidence supporting the importance of diet and nutrition in the prevention and treatment of disease is growing rapidly. However Nutritional Therapy is not simply about ‘food’. Grounded in recognized science and evidence based research, it examines how our health can be affected by not only what we eat but also by our lifestyle, genetics, environmental toxins and stressors. For example some chronic illnesses that have been shown to have a genetic basis are sometimes triggered by diet or environmental toxins.

Nutritional Therapy focuses on not just the symptoms you maybe suffering with but the underlying health problem and ’cause’ in order to understand how normal body functions may have been disrupted. This is why at Matters For Health we use functional testing at times and always ask you to complete a detailed health check questionnaire to assess where there maybe imbalances contributing to your health problems.

Through her degree Sarah trained from the Functional Medicine approach to nutrition which is based on the understanding that all the ‘systems’ of the body are inter-related. This includes the digestive, hormonal, detoxification, energy and immune systems, each one impacting the other. When it comes to health and disease, understanding these complex connections in the body is the key to positive results.

The Functional Medicine approach aims to identify, through a detailed first consultation, events in your life that might have contributed to a state of ill health or just feeling below par. This includes assessing pre-conception, childhood illnesses, long-term diet patterns, genetics, environmental exposures, sleep issues, medications, emotional and physical stressors. Sarah will explain to you during the consultation where there maybe underlying imbalances between each ‘system’ in your body, which could be contributing to your health today.

Based on all these factors, Matters for Health focuses on putting in measures to balance and establish optimum health for you. For further information on the Functional Medicine Model click here.